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Social Media Posts

5 Social Media Posts Making Prospects Hide (And What You Can Do About It)

Ever send a Facebook message sharing your opportunity – and get no response?

Or how about posting a compelling Before-n-After picture on your profile - and the only comments are those from your company?

If this sounds familiar, then hang tight.

In this blog post I share 5 different types of posts that are turning people off, but more importantly I'm going to reveal a strategy to help you grow your business online.

Before I jump in. Let me tell you I can relate.

Social Media Posts

My first 5 years in network marketing looked like a wild roller coaster ride.

Getting started, bubbling with excitement imagining the possibilities ahead.

Building my network marketing organization navigating the twists and turns in part-time hours, getting some sales, plugging right along…and all belly-to-belly.

Year 5. Four rank advancements earning two memorable trips with top leaders.

Leadership Retreat

Leadership Retreat

Then came the descent to a juddering stop and questioning if I wanted to jump back in.

And admitting for the first time that I was unable to keep my rank advancement.

Embarrassed? Heck yeah. I wanted to hide and I did.

But the little voice kept whispering to not give up on the possibility of freedom to do what I want and when I want.

What next? Enter social media to prospect and recruit.   

The bad news...everything I was doing offline, I starting doing online. And it felt completely awkward.

What I learned is there is a VERY fine line between recruiting with social media and spamming people.

And the truth is Network Marketers are unknowingly hurting their business.

Top 5 Warning Signs that your Prospecting Efforts are Actually SPAM

  1. Your Facebook profile is 90% Before-n-After pics and 'Join Me' posts.
  2. Your first private message to a ‘friend’ (aka stranger) on social media is to take a look at your opportunity and includes a link.
  3. You post links to your opportunity in groups and in the comments section of other people’s social media posts.
  4. Pouncing on people too early about your products or business Opportunity. And when someone shows a slight bit of interest…BOOM, you're all over them!
  5. You engage in interactions online, with a hidden agenda, hoping to transition the topic to something that would get people interested in your opportunity, without really caring to get to know the other person…maybe you’ve even received a friend request that quickly turns to the person pitching their opportunity.

The WRONG Way to Prospect & Recruit

Here are a couple screenshots of poor attempts at prospecting.

What worked online 3 years ago to bring massive success to others in your company doesn't work anymore.

Even worse, it might actually be annoying people and them unfriending you.

Random Facebook Message
Random Facebook Message

But here’s the interesting thing…

When I Stopped Prospecting, My List Started Growing on Autopilot & Now Have More People to Talk To!

After learning an effective way to use social media, I generated a list of 251 people that came to me for more information.

I did this in 6 months. That’s 1-2 new quality prospects each day.

Pretty cool, huh?

Imagine not having to make a list of 100 people who likely aren’t interested in starting a business with you.

Email Marketing List

Email List built on autopilot

And actually talking to people who’ve been bitten by the “entrepreneurial bug.”

At this point, you may be asking, “how on earth did you do this?”

This is the strategy I said I was going to share…attraction marketing…an internet marketing strategy designed for network marketers and people in direct sales!

Online prospecting and internet marketing are NOT the same thing. Internet marketing is a passive strategy, which works, even when you are not.

If you want to learn how it works, the entire strategy is revealed in a free 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp available here.

The Modern Social Media Way

If your business depends on you being on social media, sending private messages or commenting on people’s posts all day, you are not doing internet marketing… despite what you may have been led to believe.

Use your social media platform to be social.

In other words, focus on building relationships, engaging with people, and providing value before you ask for anything or try to “sell” your product or service.

The SECRET to becoming Attractive is to increase your appeal to your prospects.

And you do this by marketing your business to build know, like and trust with ideal your audience.

Sales Funnel Know, Like, Trust

What Does it Mean to Build Know, Like & Trust?


There is a difference between knowing about a person and knowing a person.

Knowing about a person is knowing certain facts.

Take Jack Nicholson. An American actor, producer, director and screenwriter. Three-time Academy Award winner. Played a defining role as Jack Torrance in the Shining. By the way a favorite movie. (source IMDb)

Knowing a person is knowing & having personal insight about a person.

To reach that level of knowing, let people see who you are, share your personality, and a little about you through your personal story. 

This will build an awareness of you and your produ​​​​ct.


Can people resonate with you?

You make yourself relatable by showing your character and style in your content: live video, posts, articles etc.

Continue to create the connection committing to deliver value to your target audience every single day.

Become the solution provider because there is always a problem to solve.


You want your audience to believe you can help them and become their go-to person

Consistently show up, keep your word, and fulfill expectations.

And they will look to you for more information, advice and solutions to their problems.

The more valuable you become to others, the more they will seek you out for solutions to their problems.

Ready to Blaze Your Trail?

With the help from some extraordinary mentors, I learned how to apply this online strategy and is the reason I was able to quit prospecting everyone.

You have the opportunity right now to embrace the strategy and be one of the pioneers in the network marketing space who are successfully building their businesses online and doing what it takes to move forward.

After all, we know this is where the industry is going.

In ten years, you won’t even recognize it.

If you're ready to chart a new course, then I strongly encourage you to sign up for the FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

You’ll learn how to build your business online using proven “attraction marketing” strategies so you’ll never have to chase down prospects that aren’t interested ever again.



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