8 Pro Tips to Getting Started on Clubhouse App Including How to Join
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8 Pro Tips to Getting Started on Clubhouse

8 Pro Tips to Getting Started on Clubhouse

The genie is out of the bottle. By now you've probably heard about the Clubhouse App. You can hit the ground running with these 8 Pro Tips on how to get started. 

This hot, new app reminds me of picking up the phone to talk to my best friend. But wait! It's not just one friend! 

Clubhouse like talking to BFF

There's massive interest in this new audio-only, group conversation social platform and this past week I got to find out why.

Before jumping in. Ladies, no need to be camera ready! You can save a fortune on time, hair products, lipstick and perfect lighting (high-five).

To sum up the first, wild-ride week on Clubhouse: Refreshing & Addicting!

There's something for you - whether you're a coach, consultant, solopreneur, marketer, small business owner, creator or life-long learner.

You'll find rich, diverse expertise in many domains where you can ask people questions. How cool is that? A real genuine conversation!

This is a game changer.

In this article, you'll get a jumpstart with 8 pro tips on how to get started on Clubhouse. Including the what, the how, and the lay of the land along with my experience.

Let's jump in to learn why this could be the new, preferred social-networking app. 

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a drop-in, voice-only social platform that is similar to attending an event , but much more. 

It offers entirely new ways to come together through the power of voice.

The platform is in beta mode as the user experience, features, and scaling are being improved making it better every day. Currently, the app is iOS only.

Hot off the press, you can expect Android support in 3-6 months. Cofounders, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, shared this news in the Clubhouse Townhall.

Clubhouse Townhall

2 Million people from across the world accessed Clubhouse this past week (3rd week of 2021). Compare this to the 2.7 billion users on Facebook and 1.2 billion on Instagram, according to Statista.

Clubhouse is young with a ton of enthusiasm and growing rapidly! 

The beta launch in April 2020 was smart timing with the pandemic bringing the world to a grinding halt.

Many missing out in generating new business with most in-person events cancelled. And "man is by nature a social animal". Hence, no need to say anything more about the social isolation that continues into 2021.

Enter Clubhouse. 

A welcome relief to our isolation

Clubhouse is like attending a massive mastermind event. There are many speakers and many discussions on a broad range of topics taking place in rooms.

There are over a one-thousand rooms with people sharing travel tips, daily talk shows, sports, auditions, entertainment, digital marketing, parenting and more.

And if not, there's nothing stopping you from creating it. You're only limited by your imagination.

Here's a fun example... I wonder if there were more Bills or Chief fans conversing in this room. 😎

Clubhouse Event

Think about this.... You'd spend 1,000's of dollars to attend an event and gain only a fraction of what you can consume in one day on Clubhouse for free

Plus, have an opportunity to meet people that you probably would've never had a chance to meet before.

Let's dive in on how to get started with Clubhouse and maximize this new, addicting audio-only social app.

How Do I Get on Clubhouse?

Today it is invite-only, but their plan is to open it up.

First, you have to download Clubhouse on the App Store.

You can join with an invite from an existing user, or sign up for the waitlist.

Invitations are sent via the contacts in your phone. Each person has one invite and at the time of this writing, I heard it is now 5. Invites are then earned.

You'll be donning a party hat the first week on the app. This is a clever way to recognize new people.

You'll want to take full advantage and rock your party 🥳  hat. So don't be shy because you're new.

Many people extend their hand to welcome and help you.

Like I said in the beginning... the experience on Clubhouse is refreshing, replacing the connection that has been missing!

I'm on Clubhouse, Now What?

8 Pro Tips to Getting Started

Your profile

This is your digital business card and important for you to setup first thing. It's common for people to check profiles before choosing to follow someone.

Think about your #1 reason for being on Clubhouse as you write your bio and be sure to convey it near the top. Let's begin with first tip to getting started on Clubhouse.

Clubhouse Pro Tip #1 - Your Profile

The top 3 sentences of your profile are the most important. This is what people see when checking out your profile while in a room. Also, you'll want to have some keywords in your profile so that people can find you and connect.

How do you standout on Clubhouse? 

Another thing to consider in the profile is your unique positioning.

Make sure you have something that stands out and is memorable about yourself. Your interests are as important as your credentials because people connect with people. So you will want to include them too.

BTW, it's no secret that I enjoy a glass of local Finger Lakes Riesling. My Instagram tells all.

Tracy CH Profile

How can you be reached?

Right now there is no way to follow up with people on Clubhouse, which brings us to the second pro tip to getting started.

Clubhouse Pro Tip #2 - Connect Instagram

Link your Instagram and/or Twitter accounts in your profile. Today, it's the only way people can connect with you.

Likewise, you can connect with a speaker (as an example) via direct message on Instagram to continue on the conversation.

But, don't be that person and make it about you or be spammy. Think relationships and collaboration. 

Share something in the message that is authentic and real... such as what was it that they said. There is a lot of opportunity to have 1:1 conversations.

Get creative and think outside the box like MatyJ did here offering his top tips on how to maximize your time invested while on the app. 


Brand new to Clubhouse?

When I first got started on the app, I will admit it was a bit confusing and asking myself, "what am I doing?" And this bring us to getting started on Clubhouse tip #3.

Clubhouse Pro Tip #3 - New User Room

If you're new, search for the NEW USER ONBOARDING club. Clubhouse co-founders host this room. They will get you up to date and answer any questions. 

Clubhouse Onboarding

Side note, profiles with Party Hats 🎉 are new users and will lose the designation after their first week.

Master navigating the Clubhouse app

There are a lot of cool features of the app and improvements made all the time. So this next tip is all about learning and maximizing them.

Clubhouse Pro Tip #4 - Master Navigation

Check out the Clubhouse for Newbies room run by Fiona Lucas and Lisa Monks.

You'll learn how to navigate the app, including room conversations and room dynamics. Such as raising your hand to ask a question, an invitation to speak on stage and exiting the room.

I promise you'll cut your learning curve in half and get tips on proper etiquette. Plus have the chance to meet a couple cool gals! 

Clubhouse for Newbies

These ladies run Clubhouse for Newbies room 6 days/week. Check out their profiles for the days and times. 

Clubhouse Search Fiona

Search for Fiona Lucas

Fiona Profile

Fiona's Schedule for Helping Newbies

What is the Clubhouse Lay of the Land?

Think of yourself entering into a school (we've all been here at one time). You're strolling down the hallway and there are classrooms all along the way.

Teachers are leading discussions with students raising their hand anxiously wanting to say something.

The school has a number of clubs: drama, math, history, comic books... you name it.  

We can map this scenario to Clubhouse. Now let's take a closer look.


This is your main feed and shows you the active rooms of the people you follow including clubs. You scroll the hallway for open discussions and join any room that looks interesting.

The hallway displays are from the people you are following and this leads us into getting started on Clubhouse tip #5.

Clubhouse Pro Tip #5 - Curate Hallway

The more people you follow, the more rooms that will pop up in the hallway. So be mindful of the people and clubs you're following because it impacts the algorithm. The result is what you'll see in your feed.

Make sure you follow people with the SAME interest or niche. Also, check club descriptions before choosing to follow.


Conversations take place in a room and anyone can start a room on a topic of their choosing. 

Rooms can be: (1) PUBLIC - Open to everyone (2) SOCIAL - with people you follow (3) CLOSED - for people you choose.

Starting Clubhouse Room

While in the room, there are speakers on stage and listeners in the audience.

Others are free to join public rooms to listen, learn and offer their perspective. For performance reasons, rooms sizes are currently capped at 5,000. Larger rooms are coming.

Starting a room is a terrific way to generate conversations, to connect with people having similar interests, and to get noticed.

There is no limit to the length of conversations as some have continued for hours and even days! We are all craving connection and there is something magical about the power of voice.


Moderators are key to leading thoughtful and engaging conversations. They are the individual that started the room and by default a speaker too. You'll recognize them in the upper left hand corner of the room with the green star next to their name.

Moderators have the important role to control the flow of the discussion.

They are the magic in facilitating and have the power to bring people on stage to speak.

Who doesn't love an opportunity to participate?


Like most events, there is an audience. However, Clubhouse audiences are listen-only mode. 

Want to ask a question or chime in? Then hit the Hand symbol to let the moderator know.

Clubhouse Leave Quietly

You'll be prompted to confirm that you want to be brought on stage to speak.

Clubhouse Raise Your Hand

TerDawn shared this first-class tip in the SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMINER club: "ask a valuable question to enrich and grow the conversation".

And this is the reason for pro tip #6.

Clubhouse Pro Tip #6 -  Follow Notification

When someone inspires you, follow them, and note what resonates and why. Tap the BELL next to their name if you want notification when they are on Clubhouse speaking.

CH Follow Bell

Above all, listen to understand before asking a question and offering your viewpoint. But don't be be afraid to speak up to be discovered and heard!

Clubhouse Room

When you're in a room you'll notice the Plus (+) sign that allows you to ping someone letting them know you're in a room and they may want to join you. 

Need to leave the room? Hit the Peace Out Leave quietly to exit.

By the way, if you have an interest in social media marketing, you'll want to follow Michael Stelzner's SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMINER club. 

He has weekly scheduled events with some of the best-in-industry speakers. I'm in there every week and a prolific note taker.

You can email me with SMMC Notes in the subject line and I'll send you a copy of the captured highlights. 


Are just that... a group of people interested in a particular topic. You create rooms within a club. Rooms come and go where clubs do not.

The Green Monopoly house indicates a club. You can follow them, but you have to have an invite to be a member.

Also, you are free to create a club, but you have to have approval and this can take days if not weeks. In addition, you have to meet certain criteria and one of them is being consistent hosting rooms on a weekly basis.

This is a good thing to maintain quality on the platform.

Where are Clubhouse Conversations?

There are several ways to find conversations of interest. Or start your own! Everyone has the potential to run a room, to be on stage and have a voice.

#1 Scroll your Hallway

Active rooms are in your hallway. You'll see rooms started by individuals and clubs with the names of moderators listed on top.

How many moderators and people are listening in? You can find those numbers on the bottom of the list.

As shown below, the Welcome to Clubhouse room has 4 moderators and 2,100 people listening in the audience.

Clubhouse hallway

Room sizes brings us to our next tip... 

Clubhouse Pro Tip #7 - Smaller Room Gold

There is gold in the smaller rooms. Join a room where there are not hundreds of people in the audience. Start off as an observer. Listen to the conversation and don't be afraid to raise your hand to chime in and expand the conversation.

Follow people and clubs that interest you. The algorithm will work in your favor and present to you within time, the people and clubs that you are most likely to have an interest in.

#2 Find Clubs 

First select the magnifying glass in the upper left hand corner to take you to the EXPLORE page. Then enter your topic and search Clubs. This is why keywords are important in the description for clubs and your profile.

Clubhouse Pro Tips Search Clubs

#3 Check Interests - 

Select the magnifying glass in the upper left hand corner to take you to the EXPLORE page. Then scroll down to find conversations based on interest. Your interests will impact the algorithm on what rooms you will see in your hallway.

For example, I chose Tech as an interest and a new window suggests people and further topics to explore for this interest.

Clubhouse Explore Interests
Clubhouse Tip Tech Interest

#4 Check Events

Select the Calendar to take you to the events page. You can choose: All Upcoming, Upcoming for You or Events you've scheduled.

Clubhouse Tip Check Events

Scroll through what's upcoming and if there is something that is of interest, you can add it to your calendar. Be intentional. Clubhouse is addicting and a time thief!

Clubhouse Tip Events for you

Last but not least, getting started on Clubhouse tip #8.

Clubhouse Pro Tip #8 - Room Conversations

There are no recording of conversations in Clubhouse. So, have your favorite note taking tool ready when joining a room to capture the Knowledge Bombs. And there are plenty!

Note, it is against Community Guidelines to "transcribe, record, or otherwise reproduce and/or share information obtained in Clubhouse without prior permission."

Read their Community Guidelines to maximize the Clubhouse experience for everyone.

What I have found after being in a room, soaking up all the knowledge bombs, I'm inspired, and encouraged.

When the room closes and you hop back into the hall way, how can you take action on the information?

Answer: Focus on the output, not only receiving, but put into action what you have received. 

Parting Words and Next Steps

Others are ready to hear your perspective! Use this information and the 8 pro tips to get started on Clubhouse today.

Listen. Learn. Share. You'll capture the attention of your audience with your voice. 

Still not sure? Don't shy away if networking or speaking is not for you. As more of an introvert, I get it and know how uncomfortable it can be.

But, I bet you could discuss this topic in a Clubhouse room with other like-minded people (introverts)! 😉 

Rest assured, Clubhouse is something you don't want to miss out on. 

This article is the beginning of many. Clubhouse is exciting and I love it! 

It's the positive energy, to hear a voice and the heart. It feels genuine and authentic. I didn't realize how much I've missed people this past year in lockdown until I got on Clubhouse.

I encourage you to be bold, be yourself and engage in the conversation. 

The opportunity to make new connections and have a discussion with some of the brightest, most talented people in the world is today. 

Any questions you may have on how to get started on Clubhouse will be answered in the comments. Let me know if you're on the platform and share in the comments how you're using it.



Tracy Erwin

About the Author Tracy Erwin

Engineer geek turned to network & internet marketing to escape the 9-to-5. Now teaching how you can build a thriving business online-even if you're in the daily grind!

Lorie Durfee says January 29, 2021

Great article Tracy! I’m so excited to join Clubhouse, but honestly was a little hesitant until reading this. Now, with this in my hand I can dive right in.

    Tracy Erwin says January 30, 2021

    Thanks Lorie. I’m glad you found this helpful. Let me know if you have any questions on getting started and be sure to connect with me. It’s a terrific platform to start conversation in your area of expertise. Your chance of getting noticed is a lot faster than any other social platform (right now)! It’s refreshing to have a real conversation… group conversation. Let me know how you will be using the Clubhouse. Cheers!

Lorena Hawkins says February 12, 2021

This was an excellent article and I really appreciate the clarity you gave. I have a much better understanding of what clubhouse is and how to get onboard. Thanks so much.

    Tracy Erwin says February 13, 2021

    Hi Lorena. Thanks! I am glad you found the tips helpful and appreciate your feedback =) I cannot say enough about the opportunity to create new, refreshing conversations and collaborations. Let me know how you will be using Clubhouse. Cheers!

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