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B-E-L-T Method Review: Facebook Ads Methodology

The BELT Method is Curt Maly's  intense and immersive 10-week workshop teaching Facebook marketers proven strategies for producing the most effective online ad campaigns.

What will you learn and is it worth what everyone is saying? In this BELT Method workshop review, you'll find out!

If you're a 'skimmer' and like to get to the point with highlights, check out Why is Everyone Talking About The BELT: Let’s Take a Look Inside

The BELT Method Day 1

Before we jump in... Is the BELT for you?

If you're not a newbie, have a product or service that is currently being sold online and ready to up your Facebook advertising game, then you'll want to take a hard look at the BELT Method. And I'm going to share with you why. 

Now, if you're new to Facebook advertising, meaning you've never run an ad or you've spent less than $1,000 on ads... that's OK. 

Curt has a NEW program, The BELT Method Fast Track, created in November 2020. This is a perfect start for beginner and intermediate Facebook advertisers. 

Short on time? Watch my video highlighting what Curt covers and what I continue to get out of it, and you'll also want to check out his Special BELT Training below. 

There are two videos in the special BELT training - choose your skill level to watch the video tailored to where you're at in Facebook advertising.

As you'll see in the training, Curt is super generous where he spends over an hour teaching about the BELT method for the beginner. 

I believe in transparency on the internet, posts on this blog may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through a link. I only recommend products and resources that I use.

Special BELT Training

Regardless of your level of experience, the BELT Method goes way beyond Facebook ads.

The goal is to make sure you know what to do before and after your ads run to give you the best odds of success.

Now, 2020, is one of the BEST times ever to be advertising your business on Facebook. 

There's one thing that makes it easier, faster, and flat-out better than ever before. And that is a process called Invisible Influence

You can learn more about it and how the BELT Method applies by clicking on the image below. The video is over an hour long, so grab your favorite beverage or skip over and read on =)

Curt Maly Influence Invisibly

If you know you're ready to change the way you grow your business and run effective ads...

Watch Curt's training that best fits your skill level or watch BOTH.

I do want to disclose that Curt's offers an opportunity for enrollment. 

I believe you'll be quite surprised by how much training he gives in each video. That's Curt's style and why I'm sharing this with you.

BELT Method Training

If you want additional information and to have a look at the types of BELT Method training then request access to the free BELT training group.

Curt Maly's FREE BELT Trainings Group

I'd love to know what you think.

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): This workshop has changed my thinking... the way I position my brand, grow my business and run effective ads.

In this BELT Method workshop review, I'm going to give you a glimpse into where I was before I started with the BELT training, what Curt taught over 10 weeks including bonuses and Q&A, and where I'm now after a 2.5 month deep dive. 

Before the BELT 

I was super excited to learn Curt was offering his proprietary BELT method as an online 10-week workshop. This was the first time he made this option available. 

However, I was a little apprehensive to jump in. You see, I've been following Curt since 2017 when I first got into internet marketing.

He was a speaker at an event in Vegas. To be honest, I was so new at the time and really didn't understand what he was talking about.

But I did know, this guy was super smart. I guess they don't call you the Social Media Ad Genius for no reason. Anyway, I've been paying attention to him since. 

So when Curt's 10 week workshop became available in October of 2019, like I said, I was a little apprehensive to jump in.

The reason being that I had not run a Facebook ad in over a year because of a change in direction in my business.

Also, I had cold feet because several people's ad accounts were shut down.

I sent a message to Curt saying, "Hey. Look, this is where I'm at. This is a product I have. Facebook advertising is not new to me. But I wouldn't say that I'm advanced either." By the way, Curt answers every message! That says a lot right there.

BELT Method Message to Curt

Well as you can see, I didn't wait for Curt's response and jumped in.  They always say that you will rise to the top when you surround yourself with the best people. 

“You are who you spend time with...”

Recognize the Skills You Don't Have

You don't want to be the smartest person in the room. There is definitely a lot of brilliant people in Curt's BELT Method community.

And they're willing to share their knowledge and help you close the gaps and challenges you’re looking to solve.

This is where I started... maybe you can relate (or maybe not).

A side note... I'm a solopreneur building my business alongside my 9-5. Check out my bio for more info. 

Learning Facebook Ads from Curt was something I've been wanting to do for the last 2 years and this was the perfect opportunity. 

Every week I took time off from my 9-5 to catch his BELT workshop session LIVE. In order for you (me) to have any results, there has to be a commitment to learn and implement.  

Now, what did those 10 weeks look like? Let's dive in.

What 10 Weeks Looked Like

Curt along with Nick Bridges, his business partner, hopped on Zoom every week to teach the BELT method, which was broken down into modules over the course of 10 weeks.

The approach took an overall big-picture perspective from targeting and tracking, copy writing, videos, his golden-ad and $1/day strategies, conversion optimizations and putting it all together to finally, scaling across the Facebook family of apps, including CBO.

In essence, setting the foundation and layering on top of it the BELT method strategies.

Each lesson built upon the last and action steps to take along the way. In fact, we had very detailed assignments with points assigned to each. The whole idea behind this is to get you into action. Curt wants you implementing. 

Implement BELT Workshop Assignments

Personally, I love this because the workshop is not an encyclopedia of information. The assignments align to each module and serve as a road map on how to apply the BELT method. 

Anyway, it's very interactive and pretty freaking amazing!

Tracking and Targeting

Each lesson was a major deep dive. One hour plus was focused on tracking and targeting using the Facebook pixel so you can optimize your Facebook campaigns for the metrics that matter to you most.

Nick spent time showing how to setup the Facebook pixel, including the 2 types of conversion tracking to track the activity of your website visitors and those from a Facebook and Instagram ad.  You'd be surprised how many businesses do not have this set up. 

Ad Content and Copywriting

In depth training, like 1.5 hours, on ad content and copywriting. Curt brought on a special guest , Itay Bengal, who is an expert in writing compelling copy, not just good copy. 

We learned the approach to writing compelling copy and how to improve it. This is not my strength and appreciated the time spent. I'll definitely refer back to this lesson often.

Itay Bengal - BELT Method Copy Instructor

Now let me ask you, have you ever been stumped on what to post or what to say in a video?  Yep, me too. In addition to the lesson on writing compelling copy, we learned some very cool tips for finding content inspiration. 

Video and Going LIVE

From writing compelling copy to Facebook video strategy. Another 60+ minute lesson on outlines for both recorded video and Facebook lives. 

This included lengths for where you are in the funnel, what you should cover and a posting strategy.  No matter what, you need to test to know what is working and what is not.

Golden Ad Strategy

Curt's Golden Ad strategy is brilliant. Anytime you're evaluating your ads, you want to look at a set of specific metrics that Curt refers to as the Golden Ad Report. And it's not the click through rate, which is the metric I always checking in the past.

This is the exact step-by-step strategy Curt and Nick use with clients that is proven to increase relevance scores, push ad costs down and establish a predictable and scalable ad model. 

Anytime you watch one of Curt's over-the-shoulder sessions (and there are over a dozen of them), you will see him walk through his Golden Ad report.

What Curt is teaching is exactly what he is doing for his clients and in his agency... he is the REAL deal.   

$1/Day Strategy

This is the module where Curt teaches about the little-known (until now) dollar a day strategy. This is really cool. 

For a small budget, you can test your audiences and content using this inexpensive ad strategy.

BELT Method Dollar-a-Day Strategy

Like I mentioned earlier, I had been running ads the year prior. But I was spending a lot of money and probably lost 50%.  Something I never shared before. (facepalm) Today, not the case. I've been running ads using this strategy and testing ad content to use in top of funnel with little spend. 

Putting it All Together

Now we've come to the "let's put this together" and then scale. Trust me, this is just a glimpse into it what Curt and Nick poured into us.

The last 2 sessions was a total of 180 minutes of "over the shoulder look" at the BELT Method in action for recent campaigns.

This was a walk-through of an entire BELT Method campaign build and the results it generated... a  view into the application of Curt's concept. Whew!

  • What does it look like with every concept stitched together? 
  • How's the $1/day working for content and audience testing?
  • What's not serving you so you can turn it off?
  • How are your core audiences performing at top of funnel?
  • How is your digital newspaper serving you at middle of funnel?
  • What's your bottom of funnel look like? 

Not only are you learning how to create these ads, but also how to research your audience, how to target, how to test your audiences, how to test your creatives, how to scale and use CBO.

Over-the Shoulder videos inside the BELT Member's area

Like I mentioned, Curt and Nick took a big-picture approach in teaching the BELT Method. You walk away with a sound Facebook advertising strategy and skills for a lifetime.

Wait! There's More... Q & A Sessions

Curt and Nick have weekly LIVE Q & A sessions to answer any and all questions.

This also includes help in analyzing your offers and campaigns, as well as implementation.

This is continued support in the BELT Workshop premium Facebook group.

Post any question and it will get answered on their LIVE session. No question ever, ever, ever goes unanswered. Curt takes whatever time is necessary to make sure it's answered. 

They go above and beyond and one of the many reasons why I absolutely love this workshop. It really has been the best investment for me to sink my teeth to level-up my Facebook advertising skills. 

Curt is a ton of fun too and has many great takeaways that are permanently planted. A few of my favorites... 

Curt Maly - Creator of BELT Method

 Curt Maly

"You can't say the wrong thing to the right person."

"Lean into the Facebook algorithm."

"Let Facebook figure it out. Focus on your creatives"


Topping it off are more than eight bonus training's.  The training's are from authorities on LinkedIn, SnapChat, Story Telling, Psychology of Ads, Brand Positioning and more. 

BELT Bonus Training
BELT Bonus Training

One of my favorites was Positioning to Profit from Patty Dominguez. This really resonated with me... I'm forever thinking about how can I leverage my crazy long corporate experience to best position myself and brand.   

Patty Dominguez - Position to Profit

NEW Bonuses

All NEW bonus as of April 2020 is immediate access to ALL of Curt's "Stuck At Home" Online Summit speaker videos.

Curt worked hard over 2 weeks to interview 60+ world-class marketing experts who have a great pulse on their market and industry.

“Many of the interviews offer insight and value and are not trying to sell you anything.

The main purpose for this online event is to give people a broad prospective in the marketing world right now.

There are a lot of things all of us can do and learn to better our businesses during this time (COVID-19) and we wanted to provide that medium for people."

- Curt Maly -

Stuck at Home Online Summit

The Summit was full of valuable, actionable content from things like:

  • Top media buying strategies working right now (and why half the competition is helping you without knowing it)
  • Setting SMART goals (with clients and within your own business)
  • Understanding key metrics that can help you define and track success
  • Insight into a variety of specializations that can generate revenue for you, both today and afterwards.

But what’s really cool here is that Curt is looking out for everyone... beginners, intermediate, and advanced attendees.

This in itself is priceless. And let me tell you... each presentation was heartfelt with no fluff or a pitch fest.

What They're Sayin'

Summit Testimonial

Summit Testimonial

Summit Testimonial

What I Got Out of It

A boatload of confidence in Facebook advertising. Including a strategy and skill set to implement where I no longer feel like I'm stabbing in the dark... and not spending a crazy amount of money with little results.

All audiences are set up the way Curt taught us. It's brilliant and it's working. My digital newspaper continues to run using the $1/day strategy to build my brand and propaganda while the last details for my offer are being completed. 

Next step is driving traffic to my offer, which is happening soon.   

In the meantime, I continue to revisit Curt's training, taking action, staying plugged into his premium community and the weekly Q & A sessions. It's been a slow go doing this in very part-time hours. Nonetheless, progress is made everyday and I now know what I need to do. 

This course has changed my thinking... the way I position my brand, grow my business and run effective ads. 


The BELT Method Review Summary

Is this advanced Facebook Ads workshop for you?


  • You're learning the same exact strategy Curt is using for his clients... he's in the trenches with you and knows what's working and what's not.
  • All modalities for learning: Videos, Worksheets, LIVE Sessions, Watch-me-Work sessions... organized into modules and units
  • Weekly LIVE Q & A. Your questions get answered even if you cannot make the session.
  • Highly engaging and interactive community in the premium group.


  • None really... 
  • To make the most of this workshop, you ideally want your product or service ready to offer.


This course is for you if you want to learn a sound strategy to run Facebook Ads that work and without needing to have a huge budget. Like anything else, you will need to implement it. You're in good hands with Curt and his team.

I believe he's the one to learn advanced Facebook advertising from. I've never met someone as approachable as Curt and treating everyone with utmost respect... regardless if you're at genius level or intermediate level. 

That's my take on the BELT Method workshop. If you're ready to change the way you grow your business and run ads, whether you're new to advertising or a pro, you can get started here



Tracy Erwin
Curt  Maly's BELT Method

The BELT Method 

Improve and scale your campaign profits...  Learn strategies and level-up your campaigns to set yourself up for consistent winning results!

Open Enrollment is Closed, but you can get plenty of incredible free training content in the free BELT Facebook group!

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The Free BELT Method Facebook Group

Here’s your chance to learn from the BELT Method trainings, access a support network of experts, and become part of a community of like-minded advertising peers all improving together.  

Curt Maly's FREE BELT Trainings Group

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