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Why is Everyone Talking About The B-E-L-T Method: Let’s Take a Look Inside

Whether you are a full-time marketer or solopreneur running traffic for your own business, Curt Maly's BELT Method will provide you with the digital advertising strategies that you need to take your business to new heights.

Curt's enrollment for the BELT Method opens a few times a year... but don't worry there is plenty of incredible free training content in the free Facebook group.

If you find this interesting and want to learn from the BELT Method training, the information to request access to the free group is at the end of this article. 

Let's jump in and learn more... 

The BELT Method Workshop is 10, core learning modules delivered inside the Member's area.

Each module builds upon the last and is delivered in easy to digest lessons so that you can absorb and implement the tasks.

You'll see this in "What's Inside The BELT Training with Curt Maly" video above... so be sure to watch & listen. 

The goal is to make sure you know what to do before and after your Facebook ads run to give you the best odds of success.

If you're a Beginner-Intermediate

Curt has a NEW program, The BELT Method Fast Track, created in November 2020. This is a perfect start for beginner and intermediate Facebook advertisers. 

I believe in transparency on the internet, posts on this blog may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through a link. I only recommend products and resources that I use. 

Here's What You'll Get Inside The BELT Method

Resources and Downloads

Along with each module are resource downloads and actions for you take.

You will get results with consistent action and evaluating what's working and just as important, what's not working. 

When implemented properly, the BELT Method just plain works.

Implement BELT Assignments

Library of Bonus Training

You also have access to a comprehensive library of bonus training videos, including Curt's Over-the-Shoulder look at how he prepares and executes a launch in real-time.

BELT Bonus Training

What Curt is teaching is exactly what he is doing for his clients and in his agency... he is the REAL deal.   

Over the shoulder videos with Curt 

The 18 Over-the-Shoulder videos are priceless! See exactly how Curt implements his Facebook ads in a walk-through in each of the videos (and copy his exact strategies in your own ads... that's probably how you came upon this article).

I'm always going back to re-watch because like reading a book, there is always something that is missed or misunderstood. 

In these 18 videos, Curt documented his entire process from the time he kicked off his first ad in 2020.

This includes his

  • strategy & targeting
  • the creatives  
  • the decisions made along the way, including ad spend

These Watch-Me-Work training sessions are invaluable!

Setting Up the BELT Method

'Stuck at Home' Online Summit Recordings

On top of all of this, you will also get access to all of the 'Stuck at Home' Online Summit speaker interviews.

Insights from some of the top internet marketing experts in the world.

Big names like Mike Dillard, Molly Pittman, Justin Brooke, Jon Benson and more.

50+ presentations and interviews from industry leaders who are taking advantage of the opportunities they’re seeing right now.

And they’re sharing exactly how they’re doing that.

BELT and Summit Fan
BELT and Summit Fans

Weekly Live Q&A with The BELT Method Team

There are 2 weekly Q&A sessions to help you execute the strategies.

Curt and Nick answer everyone's questions. No question ever goes unanswered and they take whatever time is necessary. 

This also includes help in analyzing your offers, funnels and campaigns.

LIVE BELT Q&A Premium Group

Curt's weekly LIVE Q&A in Premium BELT Group

The BELT Method Community - AKA The Framily

The Framily is how Curt refers to his Premium BELT group... 

Community support from family and friends who're just like family, AKA Framily.

Some of the best marketers in the world are inside the community, and they’re committed to helping each other implement the BELT at every stage of the customer journey.

The BELT Method Framily

Need More Info on The BELT Method Workshop?

This was a real quick overview of The BELT Method workshop and a look inside the Member's area.

If you want more information, check out my in depth review of the BELT Method.

The in-depth review will show you where I was before I started with the BELT training, what Curt taught over 10 weeks (in more detail) including bonuses and Q&A, and where I'm now.

Bottom Line: This workshop has changed my thinking... the way I position my brand, grow my business and run effective ads to increase profits.

What kind of results do you want in your campaigns?

If you've found this information interesting and ready to take the leap to learn the BELT Method to increase profits and take your business to new heights... whether you're new to advertising or a pro, you can check out the Free Facebook group

If you do that, be sure to go to Announcements and first watch the video dated April 1 (shown below) to learn how to get started.

And if you join, tag me. I'd like to 'virtually' meet you and offer any help if needed.

Free Facebook Group Get Started



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Curt  Maly's BELT Method

The BELT Method 

Improve and scale your campaign profits...  Learn strategies and level-up your campaigns to set yourself up for consistent winning results in 2020 & beyond!

Open Enrollment is closed, but you can get plenty of free training content inside the Free Facebook group.

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The Free BELT Method Facebook Group

Here’s your chance to learn from the BELT Method trainings, access a support network of experts, and become part of a community of like-minded advertising peers all improving together.  

Curt Maly's FREE BELT Trainings Group

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