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3 Key Steps to Get More Prospects for Network Marketing Business

3 Key Steps to Get More Prospects Online for Your Networking Marketing Business

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re committed to building a successful network marketing business.
  • You’re motivated to achieve your goals.
  • You’re passionate about helping others live the life of their dreams.
Sound like you?

Where to Find New Prospects...That Nagging Question

But you’re not getting enough qualified prospects to look at your business opportunity.

Sound familiar? ​

If the answer is YES, then it might be time to take your business online.

Let me tell you: I GET IT. Building a business, especially while juggling other responsibilities, is HARD work.

It was for me. I remember feeling anxious, stressed and dog-tired. But a little voice in the back of my mind was telling me not to quit.

So I went hunting for a better way to build my business. I invested thousands of dollars in webinars, coaching… you name it. But all I got was nowhere.

Until a friend invited me to an Online Marketing webinar. The guest speaker was someone in her network marketing company who had literally built her business empire ONLINE.

That is where I began my journey into Online Network Marketing.

After 6 months, I have a blog, a growing fan page with over 2,000 fans who are entrepreneurs and network marketers across the globe, and a working sales funnel.

And like my mentors did with me, I devote time showing others how they can take their network marketing business online - and let go of everything they currently don’t like about building the old school way.

Because while it is possible to build your network marketing business offline, building it ONLINE is more efficient.

It allows you to attract serious, interested people from around the world. And you can run your business from your laptop.

Now, if you want to build your network marketing business online, here’s what you need to know…

First of all, the benefits are HUGE! You can...

  • Generate new, qualified leads from wherever (and whenever) you please
  • End the dreaded feeling of rejection by only talking to people who are highly interested in your offer
  • Grow your business without meetings or travel, and your business works for you 24/7 365 days of the year!

And the BEST part, no tech know-how is required.

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Let's go! There are three must-do steps to take your business online, starting with...

1. Winning Mindset

Working hard at the how-to is not enough.

Steve Canal, marketing guru and author of The Mind of a Winner, says,

“We all are good at something, but a winning mindset understands that the difference between making it a hobby or a business is the discipline and work you put behind it."

To get significant results, you need to create this winning mindset.

When you take your business online, you’re learning a whole new skill set.

It takes time. And focus. And discipline.

In my case, I did it in 6 months while working at my regular 9-5 engineering job.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Don’t try to learn everything at once.
  • Just focus on what’s in front of you.
  • Master that, implement it, and THEN move on.
  • You have to get comfortable with not knowing what’s ahead.

And this one is a biggie: you must NOT GIVE UP.

There will be challenges. Every business owner faces them. But certain parts of building your business do become easier with effort and time.

That’s the purpose of going online—to create more efficiency, so you’re not doing things that waste your time, or sap your energy because you simply don’t like doing them.

I’m talking about:

  • No more home parties.
  • No more meeting people one-on-one, only to have them NOT show up.
  • Freeing yourself from that nagging question, “Where do I find new prospects?”

In both my engineering profession and my network marketing business, I have learned that you MUST have an open mind to learning new skills.

It’s important that you trust the process and stay the course.

Maintain your focus and remember that nothing worth having comes easy.

The next thing you need is a…

2. Master Plan

You need a Master Plan to execute.  

Something you can reference along the way, like a map.

There are primarily two different ways that you can build your network marketing business online.

1. Active social media recruiting is when you’re proactively reaching out to people online, such as Facebook. These are things you can implement right away.

2. Passive social media recruiting is when you apply attraction marketing principles and get your automation in place. That includes videos, blog posts, and a social media funnel that works for YOU 24/7 365 days.

Now if you:

  • Are busy working a 9-5 job
  • Don’t have any extra time to go out prospecting people (or just not your favorite thing)
  • Ran out of people to talk to
  • Want to position yourself as a person of value so that people start reaching out to YOU about your business

My FREE 10-Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp will give you the information you need to apply passive social media recruiting techniques to your business.

Let’s look further look at …

Active social media recruiting

This strategy is straightforward and you don’t have to learn much of anything.

In fact, you can start implementing active social media recruiting strategies TODAY to build your network marketing business.

All you need is:

  • A personal Facebook account
  • A process—maybe provided by your upline or somebody in your company—on how to present your opportunity and convert prospects into either buyers or new reps. You only need to know where to take them, and how to process them.

Active social media Recruiting is basically what you’d do offline, except you’re transposing the process online.

The challenge with active social media recruiting is you’re always busy…posting, engaging and interacting with people.

It produces results quickly (and those results can be massive), and you can duplicate it quickly, but it’s time intensive...it’s not automated and you're doing all the work.

Most often…

People will move from active to passive social media recruiting because they want to create more leverage in their business and to free up more of their time.

Speaking of which, if you’re ready to move forward now with building your business using “attraction marketing,” I’d like to invite you to sign up for my FREE 10-Day Video Series Recruiting Bootcamp, where you’ll gain the knowledge to create an automated selling and prospecting system to attract highly-interested prospects to your product or opportunity online.

Now let's look at...

Passive social media recruiting

This is about posting valuable content or information that inspires people to reach out to you.

I’ve had people reaching out to me and ask, “Tracy what are you doing? I want to learn more!”

It's much easier to start a conversation with somebody when they’re reaching out to you, instead of the other way around. 

This is the essence of attraction marketing.

People are coming to you because you are positioning yourself as a person of value.

This is the point where you’re able to create leverage and scale your business to accelerate your results.

For this, you’re going to need:

  • A Facebook Business Page (aka a Fan Page)
  • A training and lead generation system (more on that later)

The idea is for people to reach out to you by going to your website and submitting their information, which can happen 24/7/365. Even while you’re sleeping!

They’ll do this in exchange for valuable information you’ve promised to give them.

A freebie like “15 Facebook Post Ideas to Attract More Prospects”.

It’s all automatic.

It’s a sales funnel. In other words, an automated sales machine.

A sales funnel is the ideal process that your customers go through as they move from being someone who could potentially be a customer to an actual one.

This is how you passively attract people to your business, every single day.

Having a funnel FULL of qualified prospects to talk to about your Product, Service, or Opportunity is really important if you want to stay in business.


That’s essentially a passive social media recruiting strategy.

Now, for the final step...

3. Strong Mentorship

It would be very difficult for you to do everything I just described without some personal one-on-one help.

Think about it, when you started in network marketing offline, somebody showed you the next steps to take. Right?

The same is true with building your business online.

You need someone to show you a step-by-step blueprint.

It's not easy building a side business while juggling family and career, and everything else life throws at you.

We all could use a little help to shorten the learning curve so that we can get where we want, quicker!

If you want to avoid the pitfalls, align yourself with mentors who are where you aspire to be.

Once I got the mentorship I needed, it put me on the fast track to getting my online system in place, getting the prospects I needed to grow my business…and getting my time and sanity back!

I am SO thankful for the mentors I’ve grown with.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep and waking up to new leads, weekly.

You can do it too, but…

You have to make the commitment and start with the first step.

If you want access to a proven system and somebody to personally help you along the way, then I invite you to sign up for my FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

Tracy and Ferny

It’s a video course where my mentor, Ferny Ceballos, walks you through taking your business online.

It’s the best way I’ve found to grow my business.

And just like this information changed my life, it can change your life as well!

I wish you lots of success,

Have a great day!



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