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Blending “Old-School” with NEW-School Network Marketing to Create Even Faster Results

The Perfect Network Marketing Ingredients: Old-School & New-School for FAST Results

Online vs. Offline.

There’s a lot of rumble when it comes to how you should build your network marketing business because folks in either corner are constantly wrestling that their way is best.

It can get ugly!

But what if it’s neither?

What if you could do both and get even better results?

This is something that my mentor Chef Katrina shared with and made a whole lot of sense. 

Blending Old-School with New-School Network Marketing for FASTER Results

Blending Old-School with New-School Network Marketing for FASTER Results

Read on and I’ll show you why and how blending the two is more effective than adamantly sticking with one or the other.

Why the Internet works well for network marketers

Question: as a network marketer, what are some of the things you’ve been told?

  • Create a list of 100 people
  • Talk to friends and family
  • Fake it until you make it
  • Go for “No”
  • “No” doesn’t mean “no forever”
  • The fortune is in the follow-up
  • It’s not selling, it’s sharing
  • Share with everybody within three feet
  • Hold events

Interview with Chef Katrina

These are traditional, belly-to-belly ways to market.

What’s funny is that there are a lot of similarities here to how you should build your business online.

The Online “Three-Foot Rule”

No matter the social media platform, if someone connects with you, you should reach out and start networking.

For example, on Facebook you should send a personal message to anyone who…

  • Sends you a friend request
  • Likes or shares one of your posts
  • Comments on a post or an ad (more on this in a moment)

Ask them if they are in a home business and what their goals are to see if you can determine what they’re struggling with and how you can best serve them.

Online and Offline…it’s about having the conversation.

The Online “List of 100"

What I learned and implemented from my mentors, is to use Facebook’s advertising platform to connect with people who are already invested in the network marketing industry.

…and thus aren’t skeptical your business is a “pyramid scheme” or “scam.”

Using Facebook, you can make lists of targeted “interest groups” highly likely to respond to your offer—for instance, the followers of a big name guru like Chalene Johnson or Eric Worre.

So instead of making a list of 100 people who very likely aren’t interested in starting a business, now you’re actually talking to people who’ve been bitten by the “entrepreneurial bug.”

  • No more dealing with unresponsive friends and family members.
  • No more getting rejected by strangers in whatever strange land you find yourself prospecting…malls, restaurants, airports and the like.

Talking to people who are already interested is more than half the battle, it’s an easier conversation so your closing ratio will soar.

At the end of the day, traditional and online methods are similar because you’re still going to hear “no.”

That’s just a fact.

But, it’s also true that “no” can simply mean it’s not the right time.

Hence the advice…

The fortune is in the follow-up.

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Otherwise let's continue on...

How Follow-Up Works Online

There are many forms follow-up can take online, and many of them are completely automated!

You can follow-up:

  • via email
  • providing content on your blog
  • Facebook Live
  • text message
  • hosting a webinar
  • Zoom video chat…use technology that’s available to you

Social media is a highly-leveraged and largely automated follow-up channel.

You have numerous options.

But what’s important to remember is that you’re still talking to people.

Traditional and online networking overlap each other in that you’re going to have to talk to people with either method.

Because if you’re not…

  • Reaching out and talking to your leads,
  • Connecting with your audience,
  • Getting out there and making connections, and
  • Eventually automating everything possible

…you’re not building a real business.

You have to talk to people

You're still seeking the conversation

Last week I was on a video-chat with a coaching client and the individual said…

“This is a lot of hard work!”

And yes it! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

But it’s not rocket science and you can do it, if you choose to.

Whether you’re building you business the traditional way or you’re building online, it’s still work.

Especially in your first year…you can’t expect an easy button.

And here’s the interesting thing…

You can’t spell “networking” without “working!”

Your first year online is the most critical in your business.

This is your year of building trust.

It tends to take a year of being online. A year of...

  • consistently being seen by your audience
  • providing value, education, and training—for people to grow to trust you.
Your year for building TRUSTYour year for building TRUST

It’s easy to get distracted and easy to lose focus.

Imagine this...

You’re teaching everybody how to build one business, and all of a sudden you veer off and start promoting something else.

If you do that within your first year, you’re going to lose trust with your audience.

If you’re always looking for the next thing, you won’t be able to focus on the task at hand.

So don’t waste time starting over again and again…

Commit to 12 solid months of delivering value to your audience.

Think about it…

When you’re in a relationship, you’ve got to show up every single day.

It’s the same dynamic with your audience:

You’ve got to show up, keep your word, and fulfill expectations.

The moment you disappear, the moment you veer off-course, the moment you come up with a new product (or service or offer) you’re going to break that trust.

And it’s hard to get back on track when you don’t show up.

So commit to the process, because…

You’re becoming the go-to authority they’re seeking.

If you show up, you’ll become the trusted solution provider.

So, it’s time to ask yourself…

  • Are you committed to staying the path?
  • Are are you committed to following through?

If you are, then don’t try to avoid the work.

  • Learn how to build those relationships!
  • Learn how to offer the presentation!
  • Learn how to follow-up with people using the tools available today.
Commit to 12 Months of Work

12-Months of Delivering Value to Your Audience

Find out what’s going on in your prospects’ world and match your product to their need.

There’s always a problem...become the solution provider!

There are problems galore to be solved.

When you become the master at solving problems, you’ll always be the go-to person...and the person they want to join.

Blend online and offline to your utmost advantage!

You can…

  • Follow up easier though the Internet than you ever could before.
  • Easily connect with over 100 people every single day using the Internet.
  • Get more “nos” faster to get to your “yes” sooner when online.
  • Show people your presentation, without having to invite them to a home meeting.

You can accomplish many things traditionally done offline, in the online world.

Sure, there are technical skills you need to learn.

And you’re probably going to get frustrated at first. It's normal and you'll want it to happen we all do. =)

But realize that if you’re reading this article, you are among a small percentage of people that actually understand how to build a network marketing business online.

The Digital Network Marketer

You are a minority in this space and you want to use it to your advantage.

Give yourself twelve months.

Commit to learning the process and make sure you’re taking action every day.

Today you have the opportunity to “embrace the blend” and be one of the pioneers in the network marketing industry who are successfully building their businesses online.

The Digital Network Marketer

The Digital Network Marketer Building Online

And one thing will always remain the same...

Network marketing is one of the most powerful ways a person in a 9-to-5 job (like myself) can step out and start learning what it’s like to build their own business.

So be a pioneer.

After all, we know this is where the industry is going.

In ten years, you won’t even recognize it.

Ready to Chart Your Course?

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