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Wave video review and demo

Wave.Video Review: Quick & Easy Video Maker for Social Media

Wave.video Review and Demo

Create Eye-Catching social videos. No tech know-how required. No need to be in front of the camera...unless of course you want to.  Note, if you try Wave via my affiliate link and upgrade to a paid account, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.

If "a picture is worth a thousand words", what about video?

In this Wave.video review, I’ll share how you can get excited about creating attention grabbing social videos. Wave.video is a gem making it so simple you’ll look like a pro!

It is the quick and easy video maker for social media. You have everything at your fingertips to make video stories and posts for your social media platforms.

  • Not techy? No worries. This tool is simple to use requiring little to no tech skills. 
  • Camera shy? Leverage the power of video without being in front of the camera.
  • The Result:  Captivating social videos that can be shared on multiple platforms to build your audience to drive your business forward.

So if you’re using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or  Pinterest...Wave.video has got you covered.

Read on. I’ll show you why you want to be creating social videos and how Wave.video and all it's goodies can help you to do just that. 

Why Social Video?

Video continues to be one of the most effective elements in a digital marketing strategy as we roll into 2020.

And its no wonder because we like to consume information the best way we know how...visually.  

  • The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. (Movable Ink)
  • Here's another jaw-dropping stat: A Facebook executive predicted that their platform will be all video and no text by 2021. (Biteable)
  • It's safe to say that our attention span has decreased significantly. Videos under 90 seconds have an average retention rate of 53%. Videos over 30 minutes retain only 10% (Vidyard)

Video as a means of storytelling and advertising is no longer a nice option, it’s a necessity.

Let's walk-through Wave.video

This video demonstrates the highlights of the video maker tool. You'll quickly see how easy it is to create social videos making you look like a pro!

Wave.video Goodies...

I was on the hunt to learn how to create video content that was a ‘snackable’, bite-size piece of valuable information.

Enter Wave.video.

What makes Wave.video impressive?

  1. ​​​​​​​​Intuitive tool set to create fun, engaging videos in less than 1 hour
  2. 200 million stock video and image library, including audio clips
  3. Import your own images, videos and music
  4. Video templates to help you create videos quickly and easily
  5. Personalize your videos with stickers and GIFs...make it fun!
  6. Add your powerful message with animated text overlays
  7. Automatically resize with a single click, optimized for different social platforms
  8. Create branded videos with your logo, colors and fonts
  9. Never, ever run out of ideas with the Wave.video Content Calendar
  10. A free forever plan

Did I get your attention? =)

Needless to say, I immediately fell in love with this tool. You can get the full tour in the walk-through video or skim through each of the highlights below.

And if you want to get creative quickly with other like-minded creatives, why not grab a Free trial

Let's jump in and take a closer look at the highlights of this video maker tool.

1. Intuitive Tool Set

Think you're lacking technical skills? Not to worry. Wave is a simple drag-n-drop video maker making it incredibly easy to create and edit your short, snackable social video.

It's intuitive and requires little-to-no training. Easily customize your videos with animated text overlays, font styles and colors, voice over and music. 

Editing each frame block within your video is done with a few simple clicks.

The options to add your creative flare are only limited by your imagination. 

Wave.video Intuitive Editing Tools

2. 200 Million Stock Image, Video and Audio Clips

Never run out of images, video or audio clips again with Wave's searchable library of royalty-free media at your finger tips. 

Choose Free Videos

3. Upload Your Own Images and Video Clips

Personalize your social videos by importing your own video clips and images with simple drag-and-drop or upload.

Wave Upload Your Own Image Video

4. Video Templates

In a hurry ? You can get started with a Wave.video template. Choose from multiple categories and customize to create an eye-catching video within minutes. 

Wave Social Video Templates

5. Stickers and GIFs

Who doesn't LOVE stickers and GIFS? It just says FUN. They evoke emotion and make your videos engaging. You can also upload your own. 

Add Stickers and GIFs

6. Text Overlays

Add your targeted message with animated Text Overlays. Choose your font size, color, style and how you want the text to appear. 

Wave.video Text Overlay

7. 1-Click Resize for Social Platforms

With over 30 formats, re-purpose your video for other social platforms with a single click. Talk about a time-savings. Instantly resize to square, vertical, landscape, Instagram Stories, or Facebook cover video all optimized for the platform.

Resize video format with 1-click

8. Branded Videos

Easily build brand awareness using your font style, color, logo and watermark.

9. Content Calendar

You have to admit it, there are days where you just need a little inspiration on what to post. The Wave.video Content Calendar does that and more. It gives you a brief description as to what is trending, how to use it and trending hash tags! 

Wave Content Calendar

10. Free Forever Plan

You can choose the plan that best suits you. I started with the Free plan and quickly upgraded to Creator and recently to the Pro Plan. How can you go wrong for $10 USD/month?

If you give Wave a try and want to upgrade to a pay plan, get 10% off with my referral link.

All Wave.Video Plans Include These 11 Features
Wave.Video Pricing Plans

Ride the Wave

Now that you know how easy it is, are you ready to 'ride' the Wave and take advantage of their free plan?

Capture the attention of your audience with entertaining and useful videos. Whether its video tutorials for your products, list videos, or teaser videos to drive your ideal customer to want more information.

Still not sure? Let me share a few comments from members in our Video Branding Secrets course and its Snackable Video Marketing community.

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Are you going to make Wave.video part of your 2019-2020 Video Marketing strategy? 

Remember if you upgrade from Wave.video's free plan using my referral link, you'll get a 10% discount. 

Let me know what you think. 

If you're wanting to up your Video Marketing skills, check out my Video Branding Secrets Course and its Bonus community, Snackable Video Marketing!



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