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This is the exact info used to grow my fan page to over 4,000 fans in less than a year, create an email list with 250+ quality prospects that reached out to me, and generate online sales… all without cold calling, bugging friends & family or copy-paste Facebook messages...

If you've ever had 'shiny-object' syndrome, and chased different courses, different products with no results... I can relate!

I've wasted thousands of dollars on courses and ended up with a ton of puzzle pieces without knowing how to put it together. 

Ever experience the problem of wanting things to happen faster? Buying many courses that there was a lot of "telling you how" and not much "showing you how". 

Theory is good, but how do you apply it and get results? 

That's the difference with the Attraction Marketing Formula eBook from Elite Marketing Pro .... more show & actionable steps.

Finally having the support to actually make it work for your business.

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  • Instant Access to the Attraction Marketing Formula eBook (your one-stop guide to building your business online)
  • FREE 30 minute strategy session with Tracy
  • Plus three 1:1 coaching calls with qualified coaches to support you in applying Attraction Marketing
  • Access to your quick-n-easy Fast Start Road-Map 
  • BONUS Attraction Marketing Insiders Club. This is a community of top leaders and online business builders sharing their best secrets on what works to build a team and have more customers.
Attraction Marketing Formula to Attract Prospects for Network Marketing Business

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Attraction Marketing Insiders

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Lorie Attraction Marketing Insiders Club

Just the past 2 months have been a gold mine for me. 

"I enjoy being a part of the Attraction Marketing Insiders Club. Just the past 2 months have been a gold mine for me. Tracy has taught me so much about online marketing. She is one of the most helpful coaches I have come across.  She is honest, heartfelt and intelligent.  I have grown as an entrepreneur - which is the direct result of her help and generosity. I highly recommend anyone who is building a Network Marketing business to get the AMF book and get into this group." ~ Lorie

Colleen Attraction Marketing Insiders Club

This group is dedicated to seeing you succeed!

"This is a unique, one-of-a-kind mastermind that consistently delivers value-packed content week after week! Attraction Marketing works and this group is dedicated to seeing you succeed!" ~ Colleen

Paul Attraction Marketing Insiders Club

THE place to get the tools, training and community support you need to thrive!

"Attraction Marketing Insiders is a powerhouse collaboration between online entrepreneurs, who understand the unique challenges of using social media to grow your network marketing business. This is THE place to get the tools, training and community support you need to thrive!" ~ Paul

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