How to Eliminate the Guess Work to Create Eye-Catching Videos to Attract Your Ideal Customer 

Learn to create eye-catching videos grabbing the attention of your ideal customer… even if you're camera shy and not techy! 

Where do you start to get more eyeballs on your videos?

You have an awesome product to share. 

In fact, you believe in it so much and it’s that good that it will sell itself. 

But, sadly it doesn’t. ​

So you put on your marketing hat and create Facebook posts, maybe write a blog article, send a few emails and create a few videos…

...because that’s what everyone is telling you to do these days. Do. More. Video.

There’s good reason for it too because the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 58% of consumers visit a brand’s social media pages before visiting their website, an 81% increase over last year
  • 24% of consumers are making more purchases due to video ads
  • 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook and YouTube videos a week

You get it. People love video!

But the problem is: Your videos are not being watched as much as you expected.

There’s a handful of likes and less than 100 views... and those that did engage are your friends. At the end of the day there's little to no leads and we know what that means, no sales.

It’s frustrating because you know you got an excellent product. If people would just give you a chance, they’d quickly see that it’s worth every penny and can make a big impact on their lives.

You see other businesses and people creating videos getting all kinds of engagement and yet yours are buried in the news feed! 

But where do you start?  

Why are you not connecting with your audience and getting more eyeballs watching your videos?

From experience, people jump right over this critical step overlooking a very important piece they cannot afford to ignore. 

And it's not doing the homework to identify who they're speaking to. This is not new. 

Have you taken the time to get crystal clear on who you're creating your video for? 

Bottom line, it’s way more sexy to first identify who you’re speaking to and connect with them on an emotional level.

You’ll reap the rewards when you put the effort in and create videos that are truly helpful for who you're targeting. 

Bonus benefit: Knowing who you're speaking to makes finding the right content for your video way easier too!

When your videos are not connecting on an emotional level, no one will stay to watch.

But, it doesn’t stop here.

How do you get your video to standout in the news feed when 70% of businesses are creating more video than the same time last year?

Here’s what I discovered...

There are more ways to add different styles of video to your video-marketing tool box without needing a big budget or high tech wizard skills. You’re only limited by your imagination.

What I’ve recognized is many small businesses are not utilizing different forms of video.

I was guilty of this too! 

You have to agree that one of the most popular videos you see in the news feed are LIVE. And there's a good reason for it.

However, popular isn’t always good when you want to stand out. 

Same ole. Same ole. Videos just like everyone else’s don’t get viewers.

Can you imagine creating really cool videos that pack a powerful punch without having to be in front of the camera? You can!

Check this video out and be sure to turn the sound on!

Effective videos with a real WOW factor grabbing the attention of your ideal customer! Now, I say effective and not impressive because there is a BIG difference.

As a busy small business solopreneur like yourself, wearing multiple hats, I was researching to learn more about different styles of videos, the tools, and how best to incorporate them into my strategy.

I scoured literally hundreds of news articles, blog posts, jumped into training's and video challenges.

And what I didn’t find was one solid go to resource or training.

The outcome: The Snackable Video Marketing Community to share what I was learning. Then came the perfect collaboration with one of the ‘Snackers’... Michelle Felicia.

Engineer + Dancer brings you structure and creativity.

Plus months of research, implementation, and challenges to help you learn what it takes to get those eyeballs on your videos. 

the simplified Recipe
  • Meaningful Connections +
  • Quality Content +
  • Standout Video

This leads to an increase in Brand Awareness  and Audience Engagement and ultimately more leads and sales.

You can no longer avoid smart video-marketing. It is a top priority today.  Are you ready to start?

Video Branding Secrets

The Complete Video Marketing Course

Video Branding Secrets is a complete video marketing course for the busy, small business owner and solopreneur. This course is designed to teach you how to create and market eye-catching videos to make attracting the ideal customer easier and grow your business. 

By the end of the course not only will you have the confidence to know how to get started creating effective videos, but you will also know who you're creating videos for and the type of video to create for where they are in the buyer's journey.
Ready to kick start your video marketing efforts?

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 50% discount !

Here’s What You’ll Get In Video Branding Secrets

All of the training is online, contained in the Video Branding Secrets member site. You will have access to all course modules and resource downloads after enrolling. The course is logically laid out and easy to follow along. Go through the course modules in order to get the most out of Video Branding Secrets. It is self-paced,  but commit to setting time aside to work on the course consistently. Starting and stopping wastes your time to have to relearn (been there and done that!).  

Easy-to-Follow Training

7+ hours of video lessons logically laid out for an easy to follow progression. Gain video marketing skills to create effective videos attracting your ideal customer, build your brand awareness and increase sales.


Make connections, get support and build relationships with other Video Branding Secrets' students. Get answers and feedback when you need them. Stay in touch with Tracy and Felicia.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Chef Katrina

Business Mentor & Pinterest Marketer

I've been through this class and HIGHLY recommend.

"I knew you two together would create a video class that would be unlike any training I’ve seen before... and I was right!"

Michelle Felicia

Teacher & Online Entrepreneur

I've got 205 leads in 3 months...

"In the 12 minutes the video have been up it has gotten 4 likes, 1 comment from someone who loved it ... I think that’s pretty cool for such a simple, “wasn’t-even-supposed-to-go-Up” video 🤗

Then I ran a video ad to my video funnel and got 205 e-mail subscribers from May-August"

Becky Rayburn

Health & Wellness

Been through it! I highly recommend it.

"Using everything I learned from Video Branding Secrets to put together a video campaign for my business"

What you will learn in Video Branding Secrets

This isn’t a video marketing “theory” course. It's an interactive hands-on course to learn how to create eye-catching videos attracting your ideal customer. The focus is the video, but you will also learn how to use them in your marketing to build brand awareness and increase sales. 


Module 1: Video Branding Secrets Core
  • Lesson Video Maker Tool (15 min) Look over our shoulder as we walk-through our video maker tool of choice, Wave, showing you the easy-to-use capabilities to create fun, effective videos for your business. We're so happy with Wave, that we've chosen to collaborate with them and as a Video Branding Secrets student, you can get a 30% discount if you choose to use this tool (limited time offer). There is no obligation and if you already have a favorite video maker then stick with it.  

This is a hands-on course with an assignment at the end of this lesson. 

  • Lesson Platform Policies (7 min) is a video with slides discussing marketing and platform policies. I know, yawn, but it's critical to know the policies for the platform you a marketing on. We have seen many business owners accidentally breaking rules and getting their account blocked or even terminated by not being aware.

A platform policy resource for many social sites is available for download.


Module 2: The Ideal Prospect
  • Lesson Target Market - Create your Avatar (17 min) is a video lesson with slides. Creating great videos takes more than just crafting the video! Knowing who you're talking to is an essential piece. In this lesson you will define your avatar determine their intent. There is a downloadable Avatar worksheet for you to take action on.

  • Lesson The Basics of Effective Marketing (11 min) is a video lesson. You will learn the fundamentals of the marketing principle we built this course upon, Attraction Marketing.

The first Two Modules of Video Branding Secrets is focused on you establishing a solid foundation to build your video marketing upon.


Module 3: Video Branding Secrets Formula

The video is reverse engineered and you will learn each of the four core elements and how they impact your video experience.

This is a look over our shoulder in each of the video lessons followed by a recorded Q&A with previous VBS students.

  • Lesson The Text Element (43 min) - Learn the techniques to using text effectively inside a video. 

  • Lesson The Image Element (57 min) - Learn the specific purposes images have inside your video. We discuss that and a pitfall inside this lesson.

  • Lesson The Video Element (44 min) -  You will learn the purpose of video within video, video formats, and different ways to use either your own or stock videos.

  • Lesson The Sound Element (32 min)- Sound Is The New Video. Learn in this lesson the thought behind this statement and learn how to master sound like less than 1% of marketers do.

Downloads and Resources: 200 words that sell & compel cheat sheet, our top 3 favorite online image editing tools, and tools for advanced editing


Module 4: Epic Video Factory
  • Lesson Combining the Elements (27 min) In Module 3, you learned about the different elements that create the video experience. In this video lesson learn how and when you should combine those elements

  • Lesson Show. Don't Tell (18 min) Knowing how to create the video itself will only get you so far, time to go deeper into effective video making. In this lesson you will learn what Show vs Tell really means and where you can you can use this type of video. I like to refer to this lesson as the video eco-system where you are speaking video everywhere.

  • Lesson Stories that Compel (37 min) Stories break through the noise and get to the heart of the matter (and the buyer). In this lesson, you will learn how to create a video story using the four key elements, and then look over our shoulder on how we approach it.

30 Call To Action Suggestions is available for download


Module 5: Video Branding Secrets Unlocked
  • Lesson Video Branding Secrets (40 min) Now you’ve learned how to create attention-grabbing videos for your target audience. It’s time to amplify your results. In this lesson you will learn how to leverage your videos to build brand awareness and turn strangers into loyal, repeat customers.


Staying Connected & Learning at Your Pace

If you're stuck and have questions, you can ask them and get them answered within the interactive community that is only accessible to students. Lifetime access allows you to learn at your own pace and get course updates.

Bonus 1
Snackable Video Marketing 

Our Private Community

Need help with a video, want a video review, have a strategy question, or just want to talk shop?

Members of the Video Branding Secrets course get access to a members-only Facebook group to help you

  • Keep in touch with Tracy and Felicia
  • Stay connected with the rest of the students. Run videos by each other, share new tactics, and discuss new trends.
  • Get answers and feedback when you need them

This is the place to network with other Video Branding Secrets students just like you.

BonuS 2
Lifetime Access 

Go at Your Own Pace

Busy? Not to worry as this course is purposely designed to learn at a pace that best suites you. Take action on a module and then move ahead to the next. 

Mastery of any subject develops overtime and with intentional repetition. You can retake this course or any module for as long as Video Branding Secrets is in existence.

  • Go at your pace
  • Retake the course again and again, for Free!
  • Access to all updates

For as long as Video Branding Secrets is in existence, you can retake the course at anytime

About The Course Teachers,
Tracy Erwin & Felicia

Tracy is an Engineer geek that turned to network & internet marketing to escape the 9-to-5. Now she's teaching how you can build a thriving business online-even if you're in the daily grind!

She loves to dig into information (her engineering side) and share stories supported by facts. She spent months researching and hunting for anything that talked about storytelling and how to blend text, image, and music to really share your brand via video. She loves competition and this past year took 7th place in Ray Higdon's video contest with over 1,000 entries. 

Michelle Felicia goes by Felicia. Her background is professional dancing. Today she is helping network marketers and affiliates to leverage Social Media platforms to grow their businesses effectively so they can build a business around their lives and passions.

... Be it sports, art, travel or something else entirely, that you want to support.. Maybe you just CAN'T STAND the idea of a 9-5 for the rest for your life (believe me she gets it !) ... WELCOME to Felicia's "Marketing Dance"

When's Tracy's not working, you can find her sharing a glass of wine with family and friends.  And Felicia, well you'll probably find her in the ballet studio =)  

Felicia and Tracy

Felicia and Tracy

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructors

Lorie Durfee

Business Owner

"I have grown as an entrepreneur - which is the direct result of her help and generosity."

"Tracy has taught me so much about online marketing. She is one of the most helpful coaches I have come across. She is honest, heartfelt and intelligent."

Kelly Maher

KellWell Business

"Tracy has had a huge influence on how I build my business from home."

"She has given me a lot of tips and strategies on how to build a solid foundation to make sure I'm setting my business up for success. If you're someone looking to increase your following online, establish a strong personal brand or even setup a website and you're looking for great support and someone who is knowledgeable in this area, Tracy is your go to person."

Deborah Andrews

Network Marketing

"Tracy Erwin came into my life when I very much needed her." 

"I was learning social media and she helped me to understand and mentor me through several social media platforms. Tracy is a kind and an easy to learn from mentor."

The Perfect Blend... why this is so valuable

What happens when you have an engineer and a dancer join forces to create a video marketing course? The perfect blend of structure and creativity. 

Tracy Erwin & Michelle Felicia are the co-creators of Video Branding Secrets.

We created this course because we found a gap in what wasn't being taught in other video marketing courses.

What's really unique, is that you get each of our strengths... 1 + 1 does not = 2.
You have 2 teachers. To get 7 hours of private coaching from each of us would be a total of $1400. 

We've done the research and invested the time to provide the training you need.

It's exactly what we are doing for our businesses.

Learn video marketing from people who are out there everyday with proven results: making online sales, daily leads, built a loyal following and strive to stay on top of cutting edge strategies.


The complete video marketing course to build your brand awareness, increase engagement, attract your ideal customer and increase sales.



  • Immediate Start 
  • Access to All Modules
  •  Lifetime Access
  • Access to Members Community

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm new to video marketing? 

What do you mean by "Complete Video Marketing"?

What social platforms are you focused on?

Does this course teach how to do LIVE videos?

How much time is required to go through the course?

Do you need any special equipment for this course? 


The complete video marketing course to build your brand awareness, increase engagement, attract your ideal customer and increase sales.



  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  •  Lifetime Access
  • Access to Members Community

We've got your back... 

Thank you so much for checking out the Video Branding Secrets online course! Felicia and I are so excited to share our secrets and help small business owners and solopreneurs (just like YOU) build your business leveraging the power of effective video.

Yes, you could take the extra time to learn different elements on your own … but we are bringing all the information to you in this complete video marketing course saving you a ton of time

We stay on the cutting edge and share what we’re learning each month, so you don’t have to. Including testing to know what's working and what 's not. We’ve done the homework; investing the time & energy to provide the training you need.

Our mission is to teach you the strategies and start implementing them in your business right away. Let's stand head-and-shoulders above the crowd!

All YOU need to do is commit to learning and implementing the material.

I can’t wait to see what your business can do once you’ve learned how to create and market compelling videos!

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